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All the way to contact the Müstach bar team

The Karaoke Müstach Bar

is a project created in 2010 by many friends, now divided in France, Belgium and South Korea. Its purpose is to spread on earth the mustache of love.

The bearded men who are happy to be shaved on live, will have the chance to sing the tubes that everyone knows thanks to the famous Karaoke .

The News section will let you discover the latest Müstach bar news.

All upcoming events will be communicated. You will no longer have any excuse for not coming to our performences!

In the history section, you will find all the answers to your questions.

Why wearing a mustache is still so important in 2023 ?
You will also discover the creation of the Müstach bar and learn why the Müstach bar team decided to start this project.
All different types of mustaches will be unveiled to you...

In the Multimedia section, many pictures and videos of our performences are available.

All these pictures and videos come from our performences in festivals and concerts.
Of course you can also listen and download our famous jingles, you know, the ones that make you crazy when you hear them!

many Müstach bar customers, famous or not, can leave some comments in our Guestbook.

Some VIP even made us the honor of talking about the Müstach bar in some celebrities videos... For the others, please leave us some comments to tell us you still enjoy the mustache you liked so much when we shaved you.

In the Contact section you will discover all the ways to contact the Müstach bar team.

Feel free to send us your comments through our contact form.
And if you want, you can also explore the websites of our friends.

All the team of the Müstach bar hope you'll have a good time full of hair (but not too much, just enough for a mustache...)

Contact the Müstach team

You want to bring the Müstach bar to an event (concert, festival ...)? You need an advice for your next müstach? You want to congratulate us on our last shearing? You need to tell us how much you love Michel Sardou? You want to send us pictures or videos ?
Then leave us a message!