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The birth of the Müstach bar

The Karaoke Müstach Bar

is a project created in 2010 by many friends, now divided in France, Belgium and South Korea. Its purpose is to spread on earth the mustache of love.

The bearded men who are happy to be shaved on live, will have the chance to sing the tubes that everyone knows thanks to the famous Karaoke .

The News section will let you discover the latest Müstach bar news.

All upcoming events will be communicated. You will no longer have any excuse for not coming to our performences!

In the history section, you will find all the answers to your questions.

Why wearing a mustache is still so important in 2023 ?
You will also discover the creation of the Müstach bar and learn why the Müstach bar team decided to start this project.
All different types of mustaches will be unveiled to you...

In the Multimedia section, many pictures and videos of our performences are available.

All these pictures and videos come from our performences in festivals and concerts.
Of course you can also listen and download our famous jingles, you know, the ones that make you crazy when you hear them!

many Müstach bar customers, famous or not, can leave some comments in our Guestbook.

Some VIP even made us the honor of talking about the Müstach bar in some celebrities videos... For the others, please leave us some comments to tell us you still enjoy the mustache you liked so much when we shaved you.

In the Contact section you will discover all the ways to contact the Müstach bar team.

Feel free to send us your comments through our contact form.
And if you want, you can also explore the websites of our friends.

All the team of the Müstach bar hope you'll have a good time full of hair (but not too much, just enough for a mustache...)


It all started in 1994 (or 1964, I don't remember very well) at Severe Torture's concert at the Paradise (Remiremont, 88, France). We were four young pubescent barely fluffy in the middle of a horde of hairy. These large hairy have left us no chance to enjoy the sweet knitting sessions on stage. We were invisible.
The hair on the chin remained the only way to access the pit.

A few years later, although the hormones have done their job, the feeling of abandoned people in concerts persisted as a nasty venereal disease.
We couldn't forget these young, or not so young, beardless who no longer dared to show up to concerts.
That's where we got a little inspired by Robin Hood. Villous to shave to give hairless.
End of the crisis, hairy or not, you'll get a müstach! I say "a little inspired" because we did better than Robin Hood. From ridiculous and insignificant beardless, you do not go only at the stage of hairy but then you reach Olympus outright class, you wear a müstach guy! You are telescoped in a jiffy on the top step of the podium of the plume. All styles.
Simply the best. The Knight in White Satin is you.
Les premières esquisses du Müstach bar. On peut apprécier ici la précision des mesures

The idea was born, it must now be realized.
It's easy, we contacted our old pals NASA engineers to design plans. A grant of $ 100,000 was released by the Mighty University of Slavery Lust Openness and Viagra, which enabled us to manufacture a lightweight, practical, ergonomic and aesthetic construction to complete our mission.
The Müstach Bar travels almost continuously from one end to another of the world without losing a single nail.

We enjoyed tooling and advanced techniques through the exchange of MUSLOV.
Nous avons joui d'un outillage et de techniques de pointe grâce à la bourse du FISTEMALL

The atmosphere between the different technical teams at the site was worthy of a Saturday night fever.
L'ambiance entre les différentes équipes techniques sur le chantier était digne d'un samedi soir au plus grand cabaret du monde. Tout en professionnalisme bien sûr!

Work is progressing rapidly.
Nos designers se sont voués corps et âme au projet.

Our designers have devoted themselves body and soul to the project.
Le chantier avance à grands pas

Do not be so eager Janpilip, your turn will come soon!
Ne sois pas si pressé Janpilip, ton tour viendra bientôt !

We're just a dust in the universe.
On est quand même peu de choses.

No compulsory helmet aboard the Müstach Bar.
Le Müstach Bar peut se conduire sans casque.
Of course the Müstach Bar was immediately a huge success. Here is a brief list of M¨B's benefits to the planet :
- we meet many more happy people

- many former beardless regain confidence in themselves and proudly parade to concerts and other festivities

- women, frustrated at being unable to attend the ceremony of shearing, gorge on hormones for the privilege of spending a day in the pillory, more hairy girls = less discrimination between men and women

- Lipbanging movement is gaining ground in the moshpits. The Lipbanging is simply to breathe through the mouth with soft lips. Groovy, isn't it? Then brush your teeth well and bang into the lot!

George Lucas contacted us to 1975 to 1976, he had just finished writing the screenplay for Star Wars. This is our old pal Tom (Selleck) who had spoken of M ¨ B to George. He therefore appealed to us for making the costume of a character to be called Gadget Diemunsch. We were immediately captivated by the character's name but for us it was clear we couldn't work for a bearded.
Mr Lucas has always declined our chin shaving invitation so our collaboration has never emerged. And finally this twat called the character Chewbacca.
No remorse.
Schéma explicatif. 
Les incompréhensions avec Mr Lucas
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